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by Roman’s Robots

Roman’s Robots is a joint venture between two freelance robotics instructors, Roman Dadiomoff and Will Jenkins.  Its focus is developing and teaching exciting technology courses to kids from ages 4 and up.  At Feynman School even our youngest preschool students are busily engaged in assembling Lego© robotic structures and using laptop computers to program the robots to move or make sounds in a variety of ways.  Our older students engage in more complex tasks, following multi-step procedures to build structures such as drawbridges, race tracks and carousels to name a few.   Roman’s Robots offers a wide variety of courses for our budding computer scientists from the Lego© Robotics programs to more complex gaming and coding programs that keep these students motivated and engaged.


by Griot Academy

The Griot Academy’s mission is to provide each student with an enriching experience where they learn perseverance through patience, imagination and focus.

Their philosophy: “We believe that all children deserve attention, nurturing and a competitive edge.  We believe that a safe environment allows children to explore and grow.  Griot Chess allows children to have hands-on learning experiences.  This fosters age appropriate development.  We believe that positive reinforcement is important for children to develop self-esteem.  Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning.  Most importantly, however, we believe that children need to have fun!”

All Chess curriculum is written by David Paulina USCF Chess Master. David has been teaching, coaching and playing chess for over a decade. His students win trophies in Super National and National Competitions. Beginner chess class where students are introduced to the world of chess. Students learn piece movement, board file/ranks and notation. Our students develop their minds while learning the stages of the game. They acquire skill sets they can apply to all aspects of their lives for years to come.  All this just by playing chess with new and old friends!

Chinese Classes for Children

Chinese Now! offers small group Chinese language classes for children and is delighted to be working with the Feynman School to develop an enrichment Chinese language program.

About China. Chinese language deepens one’s understanding of one of the most remarkable stories of our times: the rapid changes taking place in contemporary China. Chinese Now! acknowledges this broader context in its approach to language education. Americans are interested in China for many reasons, but whatever the origin of your interest, Chinese Now! comes alongside students and their families to deepen their appreciation of the entire story of modern China.

Children and Chinese Language. The joy that arises in a well-designed Chinese language class for children – with younger students in particular learning language through singing, dancing, and an energetic approach to studies – is apparent to all. Chinese, a character-based and tonal language, is different than some other foreign languages, so our focus on Chinese helps us structure engaging programs that provide young students a meaningful experience.

Program and Curriculum. Reflecting the way that children best learn languages, we teach almost entirely in Chinese, in a highly interactive classroom environment. Class sizes are small, enrolling a maximum of six students. In each class, repetition of basic classroom language builds real learning outcomes, and theme-based units introduce new topics in each session. Later, students that enjoy an initial enrichment class experience may continue their studies, in a more intensive academic class (available Summer 2014 in Bethesda, let us know if you are interested).

For the Family. Your entire family is invited to learn about China. We would be very glad to recommend books, documentary films, or web-based resources that will enable you to appreciate the texture of Chinese society and its remarkable modern history. In addition, Chinese Now!’s lending library of DVD documentaries allows parents of students in our children’s classes to learn more about China themselves.

Huiyan Sun, Student Services Manager and Chinese Now! Coordinator of Children’s Programs, may well be the first person you talk to at Chinese Now! Huiyan, whose English name is April, was born in Shenyang in Northeastern China. She started studying English 16 years ago and studied English Education at Dalian University of Foreign Languages. April’s first trip to the United States was to participate in a work/study program at Disney World, and she later completed her MA at George Mason University. April majored at in Curriculum and Instruction in second language acquisition at George Mason, with a concentration on international education, and has experience teaching both youth and adult students. April enjoys both student administration and teaching and talking with Americans about China. She loves traveling, swimming, reading, playing volleyball, cooking, and fishing.

Private Piano Lessons

With a Bachelor of Music from the Rostropovich School, University of Voronezh, Russia, Larisa Shtirberg brings over 20 years experience teaching Music and Choir in schools and privately in Russia as well as Bethesda, where she has resided since the late 90s.  Students as young as 4 years old have the opportunity to sign up for after-school private piano lessons and work towards an appropriate level of mastery they can then showcase at recitals held at Strathmore Mansion in Rockville.