131015 - Feynman Earth Science


Early Childhood Curriculum

Feynman School collaborates with some of the world’s foremost authorities on early gifted education and linguistics to develop its programming. Our programs — a blend of science, math, language arts, foreign language, and visual and performing arts — incorporate the latest research on effective curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development. With extensive specialized training, our teaching teams stimulate high-ability learners to question and think in a fun, dynamic setting.

In each of our preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms, fourteen young learners have the attentive support of two highly skilled, full-time teachers. Here, gifted learners have the opportunity to use materials more challenging and sophisticated than those typically available in other schools, public or private. Working with the whole child, we balance thinking skills like questioning, reasoning and problem-solving with social skills such as listening, leading, cooperation and confidence. Children explore their feelings, friends and family as well as the world around them.


Elementary School Curriculum

Children in the elementary grades want to understand the point of what they’re learning. It isn’t enough to know something; they want to know what it means. Our curriculum helps them along that voyage of discovery.

Feynman School seizes this pivotal point in a child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth with a primary program rich in opportunities for children to explore and explain the world around them.

Our curriculum integrates science, math, social studies, and language arts, as well as music, drama, visual arts and physical education. With carefully chosen study topics, we capture the children’s interest and fire their imagination.

Science studies start down the path of hypothesis, investigation and analysis. Through hands-on activities, we encourage kids to ask questions, watch closely, make educated guesses and dig for answers. While the kids are having fun, they’re also learning scientific skills and processes they’ll use all their lives.

Language learning takes full advantage of children’s burgeoning abilities to absorb and process the spoken and written word. Spanish studies that began in preschool continue.

Math moves forward with differentiated curriculum designed to help our students understand and apply newfound knowledge of numerical equations, geometry and other mathematical concepts.

Social Studies encourages students to find the extraordinary in the every day, explore how the world came to be the way it is, consider alternate perspectives, and be active citizens in their communities

And by promoting physical and social growth, we help our students start the elementary grades as well-rounded young learners. Their innate curiosity makes it all possible.


Middle School Curriculum

Middle School is an exciting time of growth and change as students gain independence and explore the new possibilities and challenges that come with adolescence. Using research and best practices in the fields of gifted education and adolescent development, we designed a curriculum to address the specific needs of gifted adolescents and support our students on their journey. Our students are encouraged to ask questions, pursue their passions, and turn their ideas into reality. Intellectual curiosity and compassion are the defining characteristics of a Feynman School student, and our aim is to help those qualities grow as these learners advance through Middle School.

As students grow, the content must grow with them. Middle School students at Feynman School engage with complex real-world problems, tools, and materials that require them to think deeply, take risks, make connections, and put their intellect and creativity to work both in and out of the classroom. Our cross-disciplinary approach draws together content from across subject areas so that our students are able to weave a larger picture of their world. Feynman School’s low student-teacher ratio allows our teachers to facilitate student learning at any level so that students are always able take the next step in their learning trajectory. Our teachers and administrators participate in extensive professional development aimed specifically for gifted students to ensure that we are always offering the most up-to-date curriculum in all curricular subject areas for advanced learners.

At Feynman Middle School, gifted learners are continuously challenged in a supportive and nurturing environment so their love of learning is given space to flourish. Students explore who they are as they develop essential skills and literacies, make new discoveries, create authentic products, learn how to critically analyze the world, and practice self-directed learning. Adolescence is a time of self-discovery and self-reflection; our program places emphasis on these aspects of the learning process in addition to intellectual rigor in order to support our students as they explore their social and emotional worlds and discover who they want to be.


“I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”

Richard Feynman