Albert Einstein claimed, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Not ones to take Professor Einstein’s opinions lightly, we are pleased to announce two programs at Feynman School designed to spark the imagination of our students.

First, Feynman School has partnered with Bethesda’s Imagination Stage children’s theater; having taken field trips to terrific shows at Imagination Stage, we upped the ante and are delighted to have Imagination Stage’s Mia Branco teaching drama at Feynman.  Students receive a passport that gets stamped for each new place they travel to on their dramatic journey.  So far our students are really having a blast, and eagerly await the weekly arrival of the exuberant Ms. Branco and her magic suitcase.

Second, Feynman students are buzzing about DestinationImagiNation®, an international program in which student teams solve open-ended “challenge” problems and present their solutions at regional tournaments.  Our students learn to think on their feet and work together as they devise original solutions to problems given a limited supply of time and materials (think MacGyver).  Thanks go out to Feynman dad Dan Serrano for volunteering to be an appraiser at this year’s Maryland West Central tournament to be held February 25th at Clarksburg High School.  Please don’t ask Dan for insider information on the instant challenges presented to teams, though, as appraisers do take a vow of secrecy.

As a side note, Professor Einstein was an audience member at Richard Feynman’s first doctoral student presentation (no pressure there!), as were mathematician John von Neumann and physicist Wolfgang Pauli.  Feynman later recalled feeling intimidated at first, but once he began talking about physics, he felt at ease, participating in what he viewed as an exciting exchange of ideas, on a level playing field.  We try to instill this same spirit in our students every day, facilitating an exciting exchange of ideas while respecting each student’s budding intellect—and imagination.