What Feynman School Means to Me

Feynman School. When I hear those two words, I think progress.  I think opportunity. But most importantly, I think of home.  For the last ten years, my incredible teachers and administration have allowed me to flourish in a natural environment for a gifted learner like myself. Looking back on this astounding journey, some of my fondest memories are simply of our welcoming Feynman community.

When you walk in the door, you are greeted with an overwhelming sense of compassion and camaraderie. From the preschoolers to the eighth graders, this sense of community can be felt. It is in the very veins of Feynman School.  And it is this wonderful community that encourages growth. Throughout my years at Feynman, I blossomed. Entering as a spunky, curious pre-Kindergartener and graduating as a mature and aware eighth grader.  I credit my Feynman School experience for getting me to where I am.  The unique opportunities and intellectual challenges that I have been presented with over the years have allowed me not only to continue to learn, but to find my voice.  There is no place on Earth like Feynman School; I believe this from my skull to my phalanges!

Moving forward into high school (Montgomery Blair Magnet High School), I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of my teachers and peers.  They together have forged an individual learning experience like none other. Gifted learners deserve a place like Feynman; we are treated with respect as autonomous thinkers and creators.  From preschool zoologists to eighth grade neuroscientists and astronomers, Feynman students are given the keys to unlock their own world of possibility.  I have achieved this in my own journey and want to say thank you to Feynman School for each and every opportunity I have been gifted.

From the heart,

Feynman School Eighth Grader and 10-Year Student